About the Author


The author has spent twenty-nine years working at AT&T Laboratories as a software developer.  He also has a lifelong interest in secret societies, ancient history,  and the primordial wisdom traditions.  In his spare time he enjoys writing, travel, scuba diving, aerial yoga, amateur astronomy, and motorcycle restoration.

In 1981 the author read the international bestseller, Holy Blood, Holy Grail.  He realized the very popular proposed solution to the Grail mystery had nothing at all to do with explaining why all life on Earth comes from the Grail.  Nor does it explain why in Parzival an astronomer named Flegetanis is the source for the Grail secret. Kyot of Provence found a manuscript written by Flegetanis laying neglected in a corner of a library in Muslim possessed Toledo Spain that explained the secret of the Grail.  This led to a 15 year quest to solve the mystery.   He has a full length book on this subject entitled, “The Signpost of God – The Sublime Secret of the Holy Grail.”  He is looking for a publisher.  In addition to this he has an article published in the online scholarly publication, The Rose+Croix Journal 2014 edition. 

The animation you see with the “View the Secret of the Holy Grail” link is an astronomical program written in Javascript based on “Astronomical Algorithms – Second Edition” by Jean Meeus and is accurate 6,000 years into the past or future.  It repeats every six minutes.  The C language version for the application programming interface (API) is included in my manuscript Appendix.  Your browser must support HTML5 / Canvas. (Web Site revised 7/2/2016)